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Curry Public Library

Tech lab & makerspace

What is the Tech Lab and how is it used?

The tech lab at Curry Public Library is a space for imagineering, designing, conceptualizing, and light digital manufacturing. The tech lab features four light manufacturing tools including a laser cutter/engraver, 3D printer, 3D scanner, and a Cricut (vinyl and other materials) digital cutter. The lab is also supported by re-configurable work stations, in-floor and ceiling power, and laptop workstations with design and digital manufacturing software. The goal of the tech lab is to encourage and facilitate creative design and problem solving while teaching users how to go from an idea to practical working prototype. The tech lab coordinator is available by appointment to help you become comfortable and self-sufficient with using the four digital manufacturing tools or design software. Youth under 18 must be accompanied by an adult caregiver while using the tech lab.

On this page:

Drop-In Hours

Mondays: 12pm-6pm
Tuesdays: 12pm-6pm
Saturdays: 1pm-5pm
Sundays: 12pm-5pm
Closed all major holidays

Upcoming Programs

Personalized Assistance


Mondays: 12pm-6pm
Tuesdays: 12pm-6pm
Saturdays: 1pm-5pm
Sundays: 12pm-5pm
Closed all major holidays

Usage Fees+

Tech lab equipment fees are listed, materials fees vary per piece of equipment.
Please ask at the tech lab for details.

3D Printing Setup Fee: $3
3D Printing: $3/first hour plus $1/additional hr.
Laser Cutter: $2/hour
Cricut Vinyl Cutter: $2/hour
Large Format Printing: $4 setup

Appointment Request Form+

The Curry Public Library Tech Lab accepts appointment requests for one-on-one assistance with the following:

1) Tech Lab equipment and tools.
2) Tech Lab supported software.
3) Personal device setup and configuration.

Descriptions of all lab equipment can be found below on this webpage. Please be aware that these appointments will take place during open lab times, and our staff may have to step away to help other patrons. To make an appointment, please fill out this online form.

Program Documents - Dreamweaver+

A Beginner’s Guide To Adobe Dreamweaver: PDF DOCUMENTS
RESOURCES – Additional resources


Session 1 – SCRIPT – The script for Session 1 of the workshop series


HTML and CSS – A brief introduction to HTML and CSS
OVERVIEW – An introduction to Dreamweaver features


SITES – How to set up a Dreamweaver site
CODE WRITING – Code writing options and features
CODE_HINTS – Learn about Code Completion and Code Hinting
CODE_FORMATTING – How to set Dreamweaver code format preferences
CODE COLORING – Customize code colors and fonts on a per-element basis
SNIPPETS – Save and re-use code snippets
LIBRARY ITEMS – Save and re-use code blocks, assets, etc.
PAGE TEMPLATES – Save and re-use page templates
IMAGE OPTIMIZATION – Optimize photos for the web using Photoshop
PREFERENCES – How to set Dreamweaver application options

Program Documents - Photoshop+

A Beginner’s Guide To Adobe Photoshop: PDF DOCUMENTS


Session 1: Using Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw
USING BRIDGE – Use Bridge to import and manage photos
USING CAMERA RAW – Use Camera Raw to “develop” digital photos
SCRIPTScript for Session 1


Session 2: Basic Image Enhancement – Tools and Techniques
INTERFACE – Introduction to the Photoshop Workspace Interface
TOOLBAR – Introduction to the Photoshop Workspace Toolbar
PANELS – Introduction to the Photoshop Workspace Panels
SCREEN MODES – Introduction to Photoshop Screen Modes
LAYER BASICS – Introduction to Photoshop Layers (also applies to Session 3)
SCRIPTScript for Session 2


Session 3: Layers and Masks – exploring Photoshop’s most powerful feature
LAYER BASICS – Introduction to Photoshop Layers (also applies to Session 2)
MASK BASICS – Introduction to Photoshop Masks
QUICK MASK MODE – Introduction to the Quick Mask Mode
SELECTIONS and CHANNELS – Creating Masks using Selections and Channels
LAYER STYLES – Introduction to Layer Styles
LAYER BLEND MODES – Introduction to Layer Blend Modes
BLEND IF – Introduction to Blend If
SCRIPTScript for Session 3


Session 4: Create a Work of Art from a Photograph
BRUSHES – Introduction to Photoshop Brushes
BRUSH PANELS – Introduction to Brush Panels
BRUSH DYNAMICS – Introduction to Brush Dynamics
MIXER BRUSH – Introduction to the Mixer Brush
SCRIPTScript for Session 4


Additional Material
SET UP BRIDGE – Configure Bridge workspace, preferences, etc.
SET UP CAMERA RAW – Configure Camera Raw workspace, preferences, etc.
SET UP PHOTOSHOP – Configure Photoshop workspace, preferences, etc.
RESOURCES – Resource material (Online tutorials, etc.)

Program Documents - Digital Photography+

Introduction To Digital Photography: PDF DOCUMENTS
SCRIPTScript for the Workshop Session (UPDATED 2/6/2023)
COMMON TERMS – Become familiar with Common Photography Terms
CAMERA MODES – Learn about The Exposure Triangle and Camera Modes

Tech Lab Staff+

Anna Marie Curtis – Technology Lab Assistant
Anna Marie facilitates weekly open hours in the technology lab. During these hours patrons are welcome to use library design tablets, a 3D scanner, a 3D printer, a vinyl cutter, a laser cutter, a large-format printer, sewing machines, and more.

David Haynes – Technology Lab Assistant
David facilitates weekly open hours in the technology lab. During these hours patrons are welcome to use library design tablets, a 3D scanner, a 3D printer, a vinyl cutter, a laser cutter, a large-format printer, sewing machines, and more.


Contact Us+

The best ways to communicate with us are:

Email: techlab@cplib.net
Phone: 541-247-7246 – ask to be connected to the lab
By Appointment – see the accordion item above to request a meeting time
Print job form – see the accordion item above

Tools and Services

3D Printer

FlashForge Creator Pro

Build Plate Dimensions – (227mm L) x (148mm W) x (150mm H)
Materials Printed – ABS, and PLA as well as other more specialized materials
Enclosed Build Plate area
Fan Cooled Nozzle
Up to 120* C heated build plate
Dual Extruders

Cost – 25 cents per meter

Learn More

3D Scanner

Shining 3D Scanner

Scanning volume (8″L) x (8″W) x (8″H)
Adjustable Resolution
Easy Export to 3D file formats

Learn More


Cricut Maker

Cutting Space – (12″L) x (12″W)
Materials – Common materials stocked at the Library include – Vinyl, Decal Vinyl, Construction Paper, Sticker Paper (visit this link to see the entire list of materials that the Cricut will cut —> https://help.cricut.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009504773-Which-materials-can-I-cut-with-my-Cricut-Explore-and-Maker-machine-
Multiple cutting heads to cut different materials

Learn More

Gaomon Digital Pen Tablet

A rounded surface is integrated in the design of pen tablet M106K PRO, which enables the tablet to better fit the palm shape. Besides, 254×158.8mm workspace not only brings users a large space to draw, but also a more immersive drawing experience. The tablet has 12 hard and 16 soft hotkeys that provides users an easier access to key combinations that help to realize various functions and streamline the workflow. 266 contact points between the nib and tablet are captured per second to render the lines you create, and therefore smooth drawing experience is ensured without occurrence of lagging and interruption.

Learn More

Green Screen

For virtual background

Elegoo Mars 2 Resin SLA Printer

With wash and cure station to clean and harden your prints
Mars 2 comes with a 6.08 inch monochrome LCD of 2K HD resolution and only takes 2 seconds per layer exposure to cure resin, which could significantly enhance your printing efficiency. Mono LCD has a much longer lifespan and stable performance during long term printing, thus saves your cost.

  • Layer Thickness: 0.01-0.2mm
  • Printing Speed: 30-50mm/h
  • Z Axis Accuracy: 0.00125mm
  • XY Resolution: 0.05mm(1620*2560)
  • Build Volume: 5.08in(L)*3.15in(W)*5.90in(H) 129mm(L)*80mm(W)*150mm(H)
  • Light Source: UV Integrated Light (wavelength 405nm)


Learn More

Epson SureColor 44” Wide-Format Inkjet Printer

model number P9570

Printing Technology:PrecisionCore MicroTFP 12-channel, drop-on-demand printheadMaximum Print Resolution:2400 x 1200 dpiPrint Speed:23.4″ x 33.1″ prints1

  • Normal (BEO: off) 2:02
  • Normal (BEO: on) 4:04

40.6″ x 57.3″ prints1

  • Draft (BEO: off) 3:39
  • Normal (BEO: off) 4:45

(BEO=Black Enhance Overcoat)Minimum Ink Droplet Size:Smallest droplet size: 3.5 picoliters; Variable Droplet Technology can produce up to three different sizes per lineNozzle Configuration:Color and monochrome heads; 9600 nozzles (800 nozzles x 12)

Learn More

Heavy Duty 4432 Singer Sewing Machines

Five identical sewing machines (Heavy Duty 4432 Singer)

Built-In Stitches
One-Step Buttonhole
Built-In Needle Threader
Top Drop In Bobbin
Adjustable Stitch Length and width
Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure
Free Arm
Variable Needle Positions (3)

Learn More

Large format cutter with rotary blade

Can cut fabric, poster paper, and more.

Laser Cutter/ Engraver

Full Spectrum Muse Laser Cutter

45watt CO2 laser
Cutting space – 20″L x 12″W x 2″D (Max)
Materials Cut – Solid Wood (Hard & Soft), Plywood, Acrylic, HDPE, Fabrics, Leather
Materials Etching only – Glass, Painted Metals

Cost – $2 per hour

Learn More

Lenovo Flex Laptops

10 laptops for in-lab work
Can be used as a typical laptop or a tablet
Has the Adobe Suite Software (Photoshop to Premiere Pro and After Effects)
3D Modeling Software
Digital Sketching/Painting possible with tablet pen

Learn More

Work Space

Six reconfigurable work tables
In-floor and ceiling hung power
Projector with HDMI ports for plug-and-play use
Inkjet Printer

Digitization of Artwork

We have the ability to photograph artwork with a 51MP Canon camera with lighting, filters, and backdrop. Sessions will need to be scheduled for setup.

We can also help capture digital images of art using cell phone cameras. Appointments are not required.

Digital Portraits

Using our backdrops, we can setup the lab space for family or individual portraits. This service is by appointment only. Please contact us for more information.

Flat Bed Scanning

We have an Epson Perfection V370 Photo scanner with a transparency hood that can scan photos up to 8.5 x 11 inches.