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DIY Build Challenge-Cow Over the Moon Water Rocket Challenge

Build a rocket to shoot the cow over the moon. The rocket will be water and air propelled, all you need to do is build the rocket and we will do the launching and record the flights!

There will be three divisions:

  • Family Division: this is for families with kids 5 and under. Parents will need to help with the creation of a rocket.
  • Kid Division: 5-10 year olds; these kids would require minimal to some assistance in design and assembly.
  • Young Engineers: 11 & older; these kids have little to no assistance from an adult in assembly or design.

Rules for Entry:

  1. Must use a two-liter soda bottle.
  2. Paper, cardstock, or cardboard and tape (duct tape works best because it is somewhat water resistant) are the only additional materials you can use.
  3. No added weights or other materials.
  4. The lid area needs to be unaltered in order for the rocket launcher to work!
  5. Your rocket needs to be labeled with your name, phone number and division. Decorate with paint or markers as you see fit!
  6. Your rocket can be dropped off at the library between 12-5pm beginning on July 13-22nd.

Launch day: These will be launched and distance traveled will be measured. The rocket in each division that travels the furthest will win. The launches will be recorded and the winners will be shared online. Each rocket will be filled with the same amount of water. **You do not want your fins to extend past the lid of the bottle. **

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