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Curry Public Library

Pre-K books & audiobooks

Pre-K Books & Audiobooks

We offer a broad selection of books for Pre-K aged children, from board books to picture books and leveled readers for newly emerging readers.

Board books provide simple and high-contrast graphics, sturdy pages, and limited words for the youngest children.

Our picture book collection features books from classic to modern authors and illustrators, award-winning books, and much more for easy “read-to-me” choices.

Can’t find what you’re looking for or need a collection of books on a particular subject? Contact us and we’ll help you find exactly what you need.

On this page:

New Books

Board books

A is for artichoke :
And then came Hope / by Savage, Stephen,
Blankie : by Clanton, Ben,
Mrs. Peanuckle's hiking alphabet / by Rodale, Maria,
My Congress / by Bryant, Megan E.,
Scientist, scientist, who do you see? : by Ferrie, Chris
Tiny T. Rex and the perfect valentine / by Stutzman, Jonathan
Tokyo : by Evanson, Ashley

Picture books

A new alphabet for humanity / by McGregor, Leesa
Fatima's great outdoors / by Tariq, Ambreen
Finding muchness : by Yamada, Kobi,
I am the subway / by Kim, Hyo-ŭn
The blue house / by Wahl, Phoebe,
The lights & types of ships at night / by Eggers, Dave,
The rock from the sky / by Klassen, Jon,
We are in a book! / by Willems, Mo
We are water protectors / by Lindstrom, Carole,

Leveled readers

A day on the international space station / by Swerdlove, Larry
A pony named Peanut / by McKay, Sindy.
About bats / by McKay, Sindy,
Amazing eggs / by Hodgkins, Fran,
Ben and Becky on an African safari / by McKay, Sindy,
Big cats, little cats: Easy Reader / by McKay, Sindy.
Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? / by Martin, Bill,
Bubble power! / by Nagaraj, Josephine,
Butterflies up close / by McKay, Sindy,
Can you find? : by McKay, Sindy,
Changing places / by Panec, D. J.,
Daniel gets scared / by Testa, Maggie,
Dragons do not share! / by Panec, D. J.,
Fishtastic! / by Kann, Victoria,
Frogs / by McKay, Sindy,
Habitats of the world / by McKay, Sindy,
How many? / by Panec, D. J.
Jack and the toddler / by McKay, Sindy.
Jason and Bobo / by McKay, Sindy,
Just five more minutes! / by Brown, Marcy.
Kecko the Gecko / by McKay, Sindy,
Let's build it! / by Swerdlove, Larry
Lulu's wild party / by Blankenship, Paula.
Museum day / by McKay, Sindy,
My sitter is a T-Rex! / by Orshoski, Paul
Ready, set, read! :
Riddle rhymes / by Panec, D. J.
Secret of the old bones / by Panec, D. J.,
Soccer! / by Ross, Dev.
The ant and the pancake / by McKay, Sindy,
The best doghouse ever! / by Tillworth, Mary.
The emperor's new clothes / by McKay, Sindy.
The horse lover's book / by Ledu, Stéphanie
The mouse in my house / by Orshoski, Paul
The new tribe / by Carson, Jana.
Thing and stop-it / by McKay, Sindy,
We all sleep / by Panec, D. J.
Wild animals of the United States / by Ross, Dev.
Zoo day / by Johnson, Bruce,

Books in languages other than english

Quiero a mi mamá porque-- = by Porter-Gaylord, Laurel.
Ramona la chinche / by Cleary, Beverly.