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Curry Public Library


Curry Public Library provides the public with access to quality materials and services to meet recreational, informational, and educational needs, and to promote reading and lifelong learning for all.

Library Board of Directors

Curry Public Library is a special taxing district that provides library services to approximately 5,000 people in central Curry County. The district has a permanent property tax levy of $.6609 per thousand of assessed property value. The district is governed by a 5-person publicly elected board of directors. Public board meetings are generally held on the fourth Thursday of each month at 4:00 pm at the library with virtual attendance access available by request. Exceptions to the regular meeting time includes special meetings, emergency meetings, and cancelations. Meeting details can be found on the library website calendar. Board communications should be emailed to board@cplib.net.

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Board Information

About the Directors+

Sandy Grummon
Board Position #2
July 2021 – June 2025

Kelly Margolis
Board Position #4
July 2023 – June 2027

Jerry Herbage
Board Position #3
July 2023 – June 2027

Rhoda Denning
Board Position #1
July 2021 – June 2025

Tim Scullen
Board Position #5
July 2023 – June 2027

Jeremy Skinner
Ex Officio, Library Director

Meeting Minutes 2022-23 FY+

5-Year Strategic Plan+

During the fall of 2019, the Library Board completed a 5-year strategic plan for Curry Public Library.

Download our plan.

Budget Documents+

Curry Public Library adopts a annual budget with citizen input in accordance with Oregon’s local budget laws. Please contact the library director for more information about the library budget and its budget process.

FY 2020-21 Budget Summary

FY 2021-22 Budget Summary

FY 2022-23 Budget Summary

FY 2023-24 Budget Summary

Annual Audit Reports+

The library is subject to an annual independent financial audit, which is filed with the Oregon Secretary of State.

Most Recent Auditor’s Report:

2022-2023 FY Auditor’s Report

Other past reports can be found at the Oregon Secretary of State website:

Operations Policies+

Library Board Policy
Policy document describing the roles and procedures for the library board of directors.

Collection Development Policy
Policy document describing how the library selects materials for its collections and identifies materials for removal.

Mandatory Reporting Policy
Employees of Curry Public Library as defined under Oregon state law are obligated to report abuse either on or off duty. This policy outlines that process.

Emergency and Safety Policies
Protocols to ensure the safety of library employees and the public are outlined in this policy.


Public Information Requests+

The Library Board’s meeting and records are matters of public information in full compliance with Oregon Public Records Law, ORS 192.410-192.505 and such restrictions as are set by federal and pertinent court rulings.

How to Make a Request: In order to facilitate the public’s access to records in the library’s possession, and to avoid unnecessary expenditure of staff time, persons requesting access to public records for inspection or copying, or who submit written requests for copies of public records, shall specify the records requested with particularity, furnishing the dates, subject matter and such other detail as may be necessary to enable Library personnel to readily locate the records sought.

The library shall permit inspection and examination of its non-exempt public records during regular business hours in the Library. The Library Director will coordinate all public records requests.

Copies of non-exempt public records maintained in machine readable or electronic form shall be furnished, if available, in the form requested. If not available in the form requested, such records shall be made available in the form in which they are maintained. ORS 192.440(2).

When a request is submitted in writing, the library must respond within five business days acknowledging the receipt of the request. The library will then have an additional 10 business days to fulfill the request or issue a written response estimating how long fulfillment will take. The district is not subject to this response timeframe if it is awaiting a response from the requester seeking clarification of the inquiry or if the requester has not agreed to pay for the records, provided that the cost is $25 or more. Other considerations that apply are:

  • Complicated requests
  • Large volume of requests
  • Requests involving documents not readily available or if the necessary staff are unavailable to fulfill the request

Please make all requests in writing to: currylibrary@cplib.net with the subject line Attn: public records request.

Fees for Public Records: Fees are limited to no more than $25.00 unless the requestor is provided with a written notification of the estimated amount of the fee and the requestor confirms that he/she wants the public body to proceed. In order to recover its costs for responding to public records requests, the following fee schedule is adopted by Curry Public Library:

  • Copies of Public Records; Certified Copies: Copies of public records shall be 25 cents per copy for standard, letter size copies. Copies shall be certified for an additional charge of $5.
  • Copies of Sound Recordings: The Library does not record its meetings.
  • Copies of Maps and Other Nonstandard Documents: Charges for copying maps or other nonstandard size documents shall be charged in accordance with the actual costs incurred by the District.
  • Research Fees: If a request for records requires District personnel to spend more than 15 minutes searching or reviewing records prior to their review or release for copying, the minimum fee shall be $16 per hour and additional charges shall be in ¼ hour increments. The District shall estimate the total amount of time required to respond to the records request, and the person making the request shall make payment for the estimated cost of the search and copying of the records in advance. If the actual time and costs are less than estimated, the excess money shall be refunded to the person requesting the records. If the actual costs and time are in excess of the estimated time, the difference shall be paid by the person requesting the records at the time the records are produced.
  • Additional Charges: If a request is of such magnitude and nature that compliance would disrupt the District’s normal operation, the District may impose such additional charges as are necessary to reimburse the District for its actual costs of producing the records.
  • Reduced Fee or Free Copies: Whenever it determines that furnishing copies of public records in its possession at a reduced fee or without costs would be in the public interest, the Board or District Manager may so authorize. ORS 192.440(4).

Authorization Required for Removal of Original Records: At no time shall an original record of the District be removed from the District’s files or the place at which the record is regularly maintained, except upon authorization of the Board of Directors or Manager of the District.

On-Site Review of Original Records: If a request to review original records is made, the District shall permit such a review provided that search fees are paid in advance in accordance with the Fees for Public Records section, above. A representative shall be present at any time original records are reviewed, and the charges for standing by while the records are reviewed shall be the same as the charges for searching or reviewing records.

Unauthorized Alteration, Removal, or Destruction of Records: If any person attempts to alter, remove or destroy any District record, the District representative shall immediately terminate such person’s review, and notify the attorney for the District.