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Curry Public Library

Summer reading

Encouraging Community-Wide Reading

The Summer Reading Program is one of Curry Public Library’s largest community-wide literacy programs. Summer reading is for all ages, from parents reading to newborns, preschoolers, elementary and middle school students, to teens, and older adults, the program encourages reading and aims to bridge the learning gap that forms when children are not in school and to build community engagement with reading. Library staff and volunteers come together to provide entertainment, reading challenges, activities, crafts, and more. Programs typically include art activities, live music and performances, read aloud events, movie nights, interest group meet-ups, and even some great prizes!

If you are interested in participating in our Summer Reading Program, please refer back to this page or contact us. We welcome all ages and reading abilities and look forward to exploring the world of literature with you!

On this page:

About Summer Reading

Why Participate in Summer Reading?+

Reading keeps your mind active, and students who do not engage in educational activities over the summer can lose retention of up to 2 months or roughly 22% of what they learned during their school year. This phenomenon is called the “Summer Slide.” Because of this slide, many teachers devote up to a month re-teaching material learned in the previous school year, resulting in a lost month that could have been spent teaching the students new information and skills.

More About the Curry Public Library Summer Reading Program+

The Summer Reading Program typically runs for six weeks during the summer, starting the first week in June after school has ended, and finishing after the end of the first week in August. Participants can sign up at any time during the summer. Incentives are given for signing up during the first week of the summer. The library will offer weekly programs including STREAMMtime (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, Math, and Music), Storytime, Game Day (featuring Pokémon card games), Book Café for middle schoolers and teens, and a Sunday Matinée. Participants are encouraged to track their reading and earn book prizes (for most age groups). At the end of the summer, participants that have completed the expected reading are entered into drawings for a grand prize in their age group.

Summer Reading Logs

Pick up your printed log at Curry Public Library!

Here are the logs and goals for each age group for your reference:

Group 1 Reading Log (Ages 0-6)

Group 2 Reading Log (Ages 7-10)

Group 3 Reading Log (Ages 11-13)

Group 4 Reading (Teen Edition) *teens will be piloting the online app Reader Zone

Group 5 Reading Log (Adult)

Summer Reading 2023 Programs

Teen Progress 2023

This summer our teens are testing out “Reader Zone,” an app that lets them log their reading online. Follow along here to track their collective reading progress this summer!


Images of Summer Reading