Using the Library

Library Cards

Residents in the Curry Public Library District (residing here for one month or more, and able to provide a receipt for one month or more) are eligible for a free library card. To obtain a card, you will need a photo ID and proof of your physical address (a utility bill, rental agreement, or any other official document showing your name and address).

Non-resident card fees are:

  • 3 months: $15.00
  • 6 months: $25.00
  • 12 months: $50.00

Loan Periods

  • New Books: 2 weeks, limit of 6 items at a time, no renewals
  • Regular Books: 2 weeks, limit of 50 items at a time, 2 renewals
  • Audio Books: 2 weeks, limit of 6 items at a time, 2 renewals
  • DVD’s: 1 week, limit 6 items at a time, 1 renewals
  • Paperback Pocketbooks: 4 weeks, limit of 50 items at a time, 2 renewals
  • Magazine back issues: 2 Weeks, limit of 6 items at a time, 2 renewals
  • E-books (Library2Go): 7, 14, or 21 days (your choice), limit of 6 items at a time, no renewals
  • iPads: 2 hours, unlimited renewals if there are no holds

Placing Holds

  • Online holds can be placed on all items in our catalog (including materials from Gold Beach, Port Orford, Langlois, and Agness) by logging into your account in our online catalog here.
  • You can also place a hold by calling us directly at 541-247-7246.
  • Once a held item has arrived and you have been notified of the hold, you will have 5 days to pick up the item.
  • You may place up to 6 holds at a time on e-books through Library2Go. E-book holds will be available for 72 hours.
  • Please talk to one of our staff members if you need help with the hold process.

Interlibrary Loan

  • Patrons looking for items not available in our online catalog (which includes materials held at the Agness, Langlois, and Port Orford libraries) can make an interlibrary loan request. For a $2.00 fee per item, we have the ability to borrow from outside the region.
  • Please ask a librarian if you are interested in using any of our interlibrary loan services.

Renewing Your Borrowed Items

  • All items may be renewed, except for new books and e-books (Library2Go).
  • To renew, speak to a librarian in person or by phone at 541-247-7246.

Late Fees

  • Books, magazines, and audiobooks: 10 cents per day
  • DVD’s: $1.00 per day
  • New Books: 25 cents per day
  • Books from other libraries: fees vary depending on individual library policies.
  • iPads: $5.00 hour

Copy, Fax, and Printing (black & white)

  • The library is equipped with a fax machine, laser printers, and a photocopy machine for patron use according to the following fee structure.
  • Fax: The first page is $2.00 within the state of Oregon and $3.00 beyond Oregon. Additional pages after the first are $0.25 each.
  • Single-sided 8.5 x 11 photocopies and laser printouts: $0.10/page
  • Double-sided 8.5 x 11 and laser printouts: $0.15/page
  • Single-sided 8.5 x 14 legal photocopies and laser printouts: $0.15/page
  • Double-sided 8.5 x 14 legal sized photocopies and laser printouts: $0.25/page


Cardholders with a current library borrower account in good standing (fines under $5.00) are eligible to borrow iPads. Borrowers agree to assume responsibility for borrowed iPads and agree to pay any fees (including the $450 replacement value) incurred for damages sustained while the iPad is in their possession. Borrowers must adhere to the “Rules of Use” below.

iPad will be checked out with a cover, which should not be removed.

iPads may be borrowed from the Curry Public Library Service Desk during regular hours and are loaned on a first-come, first-served basis. To see if one is available, check the Curry Public Library Catalog under title “iPad,” call (541) 247-7246, or visit the Service Desk in person.

If all iPads are checked out, you may ask the library staff to place a hold on the next available item. There are no advance reservations allowed.

iPads are loaned for a 2 hour period and may be renewed unless a hold has been placed on the device by another patron. To request a renewal, visit the Service Desk in person.

Rules of Use

  • Users are not allowed to borrow more than 1 iPad at a time.
  • Users over the age of 18 must give their driver’s license to library staff during the iPad checkout period. The driver’s license will be returned when the iPad is returned.
  • Individuals between the ages 5 and 18 may check out an iPad with no ID, but they must have a library card with a parental responsible party listed in good standing (fines under $5.00).
  • iPads checked out to children under the age of 11 will receive a device configured only with children’s learning apps.
  • Late return of an iPad will result in an immediate block of borrowing privileges; the following fees may be assessed and loss of iPad borrowing privileges may result. There will be a 15 minute grace period before fines are assessed, but if the device is returned more than 15 minutes late, a $5.00/hour fine will be assessed to the user’s account.
  • If the device is not returned by the time the library closes for the day, the user’s account will be charged for the full replacement value of the iPad.
  • Checkout periods are 2 hours.
  • Users are responsible for making sure that the iPad does not get damaged, lost, or stolen while it is checked out to them.
  • Apps and content may be loaded on the iPad using your own accounts. When an iPad is returned, all data and settings will be wiped from the device.
  • The Library assumes no responsibility for any problems that the iPad may cause to any other equipment or networked accounts (like iTunes or personal Apple accounts) to which the iPad is connected.